Another Azoic live show!

October 28th, 2013

The Azoic has been performing live quite a bit this year, as some of you may have seen.  St. Louis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Cleveland, Cincinnati/Newport, KY and our hometown of Columbus, Ohio two times.  We’re planning more for 2014 and we will wrap up 2013 with a performance in one of the cities that embraced The Azoic early on: Pittsburgh (this Thursday - Halloween)!  Check out the details here:

Why have we been playing so much?  Well, we first wanted to promote our ‘Corruption’ album and video (check it out here:, plus in June 2013 we added a live drummer and cellist!  We’re very excited to have them on board and have heard nothing but stellar comments from those who have seen us live.

So, be sure to come see us live, check out our new music and support us so we can continue to create new tracks and videos!

With that, we will leave you with videos of some recent live shows… (”Let Me Tell You Something” in Seattle w/ friends More Machine than Man performing live) (”Lost Soul” in Seattle w/ friends More Machine than Man performing live) (”Lost Soul” in Cleveland)

Thanks again all!

Kristy, Andreas, Rich and Chris of The Azoic

The Azoic is heading on tour!!!!

August 19th, 2013

Dates and Locations below

Thursday, August 29th - St. Louis, MO at Crack Fox w/ The Azoic, Subsurface and DJ Sainte

Friday, August 30th - Milwaukee, WI at Club Anything w/ The Azoic, Null Device and Sensuous Enemy

Saturday, August 31st - Minneapolis, MN at Ground Zero w/ Combichrist (Old School), The Azoic, F.T.C. and DJ SLT

Sunday, September 1st – Chicago, IL at LiveWire Lounge w/ The Azoic, JILT and Flood Damage

Sunday, September 29th - Seattle, WA at Mechanismus w/ I:scintilla, The Azoic and DJ’s SAVAK, Omega Brain & The Red Queen plus vendors and the Panzer Girls.

Thursday, October 10th - Columbus, OH w/ Ego Likeness, Lestat, The Azoic and Frontal Boundary

Friday, October 11th - Cincinnati, OH / Newport, KY at the Thompson House w/ Ego Likeness, The Azoic, Hematosis and Frontal Boundary.

Saturday, October 12th - Cleveland OH at Peabody’s w/ 8 bands and 2 stages! Lestat, Ego Likeness, The Azoic, Filament 38, Shadow Saints, Petals and Thorns, Definitive Strike and the Infusion Crew!

Also, check out the new interview with Kristy from The Azoic!

Updates For The New Year

January 17th, 2013

Why hello there fans! Happy New Year ;)

We just had our WORLDWIDE RELEASE (as I typed that I heard it echo in my mind, hence the caps) of our Corruption EP. We also have released this precious gem digitally on a few sites.

I know, I know. You’re DYING to know where you can buy it. Trust me, I can feel your excitement through the internet and I haven’t even posted this blog yet. Here are some places where you can find it:—Corruption-%28MP3-Album%29

Get your copy NOW. xoxo

THE AZOIC - Corruption video!

December 1st, 2012

After some silence, The Azoic is back!  Working hard behind the scenes on new material - Corruption EP will be released in a few weeks - and they also completed their new music video for the title track.  Check it out here!

November Show

October 31st, 2012

November is coming up fast, which also means our show with Lestat in Cleveland is right around the corner! On November 24 we will be performing at Peabody’s Concert Club. Check out more details here. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Corruption Video + EP

October 15th, 2012

We couldn’t be more excited for what the band has accomplished in the past couple of months. Our ‘Corruption’ music video is well on its way to completion. Everything looks amazing so far and we couldn’t have done it without our generous fans who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign.

Life lately has been pretty hectic lately dealing with jobs and personal heartache. The ‘Corruption’ EP has been moving along slower than expected. The support from fans like you is what keeps us doing what we love to do!

With that, November seems to be our craziest month yet! Look out for the official release of the ‘Corruption’ EP and music video. Also the band is performing on 11/24 in Cleveland with Lestat, Bath and Pedals and Thorns! Check out details here.We look forward to seeing you there!

The Azoic kickstarter and video update

August 16th, 2012

Thank you soooo much to all those who have helped support The Azoic, especially those who have pledged to The Azoic’s kickstarter campaign!  We still have 10 hours to go and are filming part 2 of the video tonight!

As for part 1 of the video: WOW! That’s all I can say to all the AMAZING crew and extras from our early morning shoot! Everyone did amazing and we had caffeine. Between Katy, Nick and Jeremy, there’s such amazing talent! It was cool watching them in action!

Today is the bigger day of shooting and I’ve only slept 4 hours. Wish us luck. Everyone involved has made this memorable and I am so grateful! Let’s hope today kicks butt! Knowlton here we come!

The Azoic “Corruption” Music Video and EP - Kickstarter Campaign

August 7th, 2012

The Azoic will *finally* release new music alongside their track “Corruption” (plus remixes) for a new EP.  They are also shooting a professional video on August 16, 2012 for the title track “Corruption”.  Please help support their kickstarter campaign (which has a VERY short time frame due to the video shoot).  You can pick up the new EP, be *IN* the video, stock up on merch, drink/eat with the band, get a new personalized Azoic track just for you or even force them to get a tattoo of what YOU want!

Confirmed for VIDEO SHOOT!

May 14th, 2012

We are confirmed for a VIDEO SHOOT! Professional videographer company, make-up artist and stylists confirmed. Now, hoping to secure the venue (which is an amazing modern space) for a decent price. Wish us luck! More news soon, but a *NEW* Azoic video IS going to happen and we are excited!

Like us on facebook and look for more details soon!  (Givaways forthcoming…)

Give me your feedback!

May 7th, 2012

Who wants to see a *new* professionally filmed video for our
unreleased track, “Corruption”?

Who would be excited by some new Azoic tracks and remixes this Summer
(at least an EP, but maybe not a full CD)? [Yes, I need to get these
tracks out, I know!!!]

And, who would help support The Azoic on tour by actually coming out?
(Live shows are not as well attended as they once used
to be, so I have to see if it’s even worth it. Sadly 20-30 people in a
city is not enough.)

***At least one of these *will* happen soon.*** Probably two and
perhaps all three.

We need help though. YOUR help. Promotion and word of mouth are
HUGE!!! I hate to ask for things, but I just cannot do it all myself,
sadly. (Hence my silence with all my other jobs and projects.) So, WHO

#hugs, kisses, flattery, appreciation and candy will be provided. Yes,
I can afford candy for cool peeps. ;)

Let me know what you think we should do!