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Updates for February 2009

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Hi all!  We wanted to update you on live shows, album progress, life, etc.

First off, we have 2 shows on the East Coast in mid-March.  March 19th in Washington DC at CLub Liv and March 21st in Philadelphia, PA at SHampoo Nightclub.  We’re really excited for both and hoped to have new merch to sell.  We will have a new remix CD, posters, stickers and cool new baby tees and t-shirts, but it appears we will not have our new EP or CD completed by then.

Why such a delay you ask?  Well…

As some of you know, Steve Laskarides is no longer in the band and has not been since 2006.  There were many reasons, but we both have different drives and directions, so it’s all for the best. However, during that time, life got in the way along with some refocusing and new directions.  Between 2006 and now, I’ve dealt with: 6 hand surgeries, a wedding, increased workload/hours at my day job (as an architect), increased staff and workload at Nilaihah Records (which I run in the evenings and weekends), playing live shows (throughout 2006-2008) and touring (11/2008), purchasing a cafe/bar with my husband, working with new musicians, writing music and much more.  It’s hard to juggle, but I’m one of those types that is bored if I’m not extremely busy.  However, that can distract this lovely thing we call FOCUS.  So, I take care of what’s most urgently needed and move forward.  As you may be able to tell, a lot of the urgent “fires” come from my health, day job, record label, etc.

The ironic part in all this is we have around 15-20 new songs.  We just don’t love them all - yet.   We are working with at least 10 of those and seeing where they will take us to see if they are good enough for the album.  Being a perfectionist is hard, but adding lack of patience in the mix is even harder!  So rest assured, we are doing ALL we can to get this album out AND I’m beating myself up over the tracks at the same time.  A lot of additional work, but we are finding how we work together, what works best and such.

I know.  You just want the damn album out.  So do I.  Just know…  We ARE trying and hope to have an EP plus an album and many live shows (tour?) for 2009.   Remember, I like being busy.  I also love to travel and see friends.  So, there HAS to be an album for me to see you all and tour.  That’s our ultimate focus, even if it takes several more months longer than we planned.  Just promise me you won’t forget us…  :)